How to Install Silly Tavern? Step-by-step Guide

install Sally tavern

In today’s AI era, Silly Tavern stands out as a unique localized AI chat platform, offering users the opportunity to interact with AI-generated characters. However, unlike other common chatbots, installing Silly Tavern isn’t a straightforward task. It demands a certain level of technical expertise and experience from the user. This guide aims to provide you with detailed steps to help you smoothly install Silly Tavern,.

About Silly Tavern

Silly Tavern is a groundbreaking localized AI chat platform, enabling users to craft and converse with AI-generated personas. This platform seamlessly merges the prowess of cutting-edge AI models with the charm of tailored virtual characters, offering a unique user experience.

Sally Taverny AI Features

  • Character Creation & Chatting: Craft your distinct AI persona and dive into real-time dialogues. Engage with both custom and preset characters.
  • Personalized Settings: Tailor your experience via AI model choices, chat ambiance, character traits, and content output.
  • Group Chat: Dive into group discussions with multiple AI personas.
  • NSFW Content Support: For mature content enthusiasts, Silly Tavern provides NSFW settings.
  • Diverse Model Support: From open-source LLM, Claude API, to OpenAI API, Silly Tavern has it all. You can even nurture your LLM.

Sally Taverny AI Limitations

  • Technical Know-how: A certain degree of technical proficiency is essential, from software setup to character configurations. Their Discord community is always there for guidance.
  • API Dependency: The chat’s cost and quality are contingent on the user’s API choice.
  • Lack of Official Support: Users might have to troubleshoot some issues independently.

How to Download Silly Tavern?

Silly Tavern’s code is hosted on GitHub, allowing you to download Silly Tavern directly from there. You can also download it as a ZIP file, but for security reasons, the official recommendation is against using the ZIP download. Both methods offer free downloads for Windows, MacOS, and Android.

How to Install Silly Tavern?

Install Silly Tavern for Windows

Via GitHub Desktop (Recommended)

  1. Install NodeJS (opt for the latest LTS version).
  2. Set up GitHub Desktop.
  3. Clone the Silly Tavern repository using GitHub Desktop.
  4. Navigate to the cloned directory and initiate the start.bat file.
  5. Post-installation, Silly Tavern should launch in your browser.
node js download
githup setting

Through Git

  1. Install NodeJS and Git for Windows.
  2. Clone the Silly Tavern repository using the desired branch.
  3. Access the cloned directory and execute the start.bat file.
  4. Silly Tavern should now be accessible via your browser.
install via git

ZIP Download (Not Recommended)

  1. Ensure NodeJS is installed.
  2. Download the ZIP file from Silly Tavern’s GitHub repository.
  3. Extract the ZIP to your preferred location.
  4. Run the Start.bat file.
  5. Silly Tavern should now greet you in your browser.
zip download

Install Silly Tavern for Linux/MacOS

  1. Install git and nodeJS.
  2. Clone the Silly Tavern repository.
  3. Access the installation directory and run the script.

Install Silly Tavern for Android(Termux)

  1. Native execution on Android is possible via Termux.

Adhere to the guide by ArroganceComplex#2659: Termux Guide.

Silly Tavern Installation Notes

  • Refrain from installing Silly Tavern in Windows’ controlled directories.
  • Do not execute start.bat with elevated permissions.
  • Windows 7 users, unfortunately, cannot install Silly Tavern due to NodeJS 18.16 incompatibility.

Can I use Silly Tavern on phone?

Absolutely! Silly Tavern is natively compatible with Android phones via Termux. However, remember that .webp character cards import/export isn’t supported in Termux. Opt for JSON or PNG formats instead.


Is Silly Tavern free?

The Silly Tavern software is free to use, but chatting requires a third-party API. The chat service cost depends on the API you choose.

Is Silly tavern worth it?

Yes´╝îSilly Tavern is a unique localized AI chat platform that allows users to interact with AI-generated characters. The platform offers a range of features, including character creation, group chats, and support for various AI models. While the installation process requires some technical expertise, the platform seems to offer a unique experience for those interested in AI chat.

Is there a Silly Tavern user community or forum?

Yes, they boast a vibrant Discord community where users can seek help and share their experiences.