Silly Tavern vs Tavern AI:Which is Better for You?

Sally Tavern VS Tavern

What is Silly Tavern?

Silly Tavern AI is an advanced conversational AI platform, offering an enhanced user interface for AI frameworks like GPT and Kobold AI. It evolved from the existing TavernAI, targeting those interested in role-playing or fan fiction. Silly Tavern AI provides a smoother, higher-quality interaction, making it the ideal choice for engaging in role-playing, fan fiction, or seeking an AI-based companion. A unique feature is its ability to chat with multiple characters, allowing users to set up group chats, create prompts to guide conversations, and bookmark chats for future reference. The platform also offers a range of features such as instant prompts, chat bookmarks, multi-bot room group chats, mobile support, customizable UI, and extensions.

Sally tavern start

What is Tavern AI?

Tavern AI is an adventure-themed chat platform, supporting various AI language models like KoboldAI, NovelAI, Pygmalion, OpenAI chatgpt, and gpt-4. It allows users to create characters with personalized settings and chat online with multiple characters simultaneously. Additionally, the platform offers flexible AI model settings, story mode, world information, slider selection, choice of atmospheric backgrounds, and the ability to edit/delete/move any message. Installing Tavern AI is relatively straightforward; users can download TavernAI, install Node.js v19.1.0, and then run Start.bat or use the command: npm install, node server.js.


Similarities and Differences Between Silly Tavern and Tavern AI?

Both Silly Tavern and Tavern AI utilize advanced AI models to generate human-like responses. However, Silly Tavern is a newer version developed based on Tavern AI, offering a more fluid and higher-quality interaction, especially for those interested in role-playing or fan fiction. In contrast, Tavern AI is more like a traditional chatbot, offering a series of unique features. Here are the specifics:


Silly Tavern

Tavern AI

Based on Version

Based on TavernAI 1.2.8



Offers optional modules like memory summarization, character reactions, etc.

Both offer ways to adjust AI responses, but ST provides more APIs and more detailed settings.


KoboldAI, NovelAI, Pygmalion, chatGPT, GPT-4, Text-gen webUI, User’s LLM

KoboldAI, NovelAI, Pygmalion, chatGPT, GPT-4, Text-gen webUI


Will receive new updates with more cool features


Speed and Response

Compared to Tavern, Silly Tavern is noticeably slower even with the same settings and doesn’t provide as good responses.

Faster speed, better responses

Personalization Settings

Offers more personalization options like using one’s avatar, more backgrounds, etc.

Provides basic personalization settings

Which is more Suitable, Silly Tavern or Tavern AI?

Considering ease of use, technological exploration, cost, and personalization, Silly Tavern AI seems to be a more advanced and user-friendly platform. It offers a smoother experience, especially for those interested in role-playing or fan fiction. On the other hand, while Tavern AI is powerful, its installation might require more technical knowledge. For those seeking a more personalized and customizable experience, Silly Tavern AI might be a better choice.

Now Here is What We Think Will Happen

As AI continues to evolve, platforms like Silly Tavern and Tavern AI will become more advanced and user-friendly. We anticipate these platforms will integrate more features, offer a broader range of customization options, and become more accessible to the average user. The future of conversational AI is bright, and these platforms are just the beginning.


Both Silly Tavern AI and Tavern AI offer unique and powerful conversational experiences. While Silly Tavern AI provides a smoother and more customizable experience, Tavern AI offers a more traditional chatbot experience with its set of unique features. Ultimately, the best platform depends on individual preferences and needs. However, with the rapid advancement of AI, users can expect to have an enhanced and immersive conversational experience in the future.


Is Tavern AI and Silly Tavern the same?

In essence, while they have similarities and might share some foundational elements, they are distinct platforms with different features and target audiences.

Is Tavern still used?

Yes, Tavern is still usable. After installation from GitHub and setting up the model API, it can be used.

Does Tavern AI have customer support services?

Currently, no. You can only seek support within the community.