Tavern AI:Chat,Install,Use and Setting Tutorial

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What is Tavern AI?

Tavern AI is an advanced AI chatbot platform that offers an engaging conversational experience with diverse characters. It utilizes powerful language models capable of comprehending human input, including intent, meaning, and mood, and supports a variety of characters, each with distinct definitions and personalities. This enables users to engage in conversations tailored to their preferences.

Tavern AI Features

Tavern AI offers a range of features that enhance the user experience:

  • Character Building: Users can create AI-based characters infused with specific characteristics, persona, intent, and motivation.
  • Multiple Language Model Support: The platform supports a range of APIs, including OpenAI, Kobold AI, Claude, Novel AI, and Pygmalion.
  • Customizable User Interface: Users can personalize their chat experience by adjusting various aspects, including the background, UI colors, chat size, avatar styles, and more.
  • Immersive Chat Experience (Story Mode): Tavern AI offers an immersive and interactive platform where AI characters actively participate in dynamic conversations with users.
  • Group Chats: Users can simultaneously engage in conversations with multiple AI characters.

Tavern AI APP

Tavern AI APP Download for PC

Tavern AI can be seamlessly installed on your personal computing device or employed via a cloud service. To install Tavern AI on your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Install NodeJS on your machine.
  2. Install GitHub Desktop.
  3. Clone the Tavern AI repository using GitHub Desktop.
  4. Navigate to the cloned directory and initiate the start.bat file.

Tavern AI Mobile APP Download

Tavern AI does not have a dedicated mobile app, but it operates through a straightforward web interface. This allows users to run it on a computer connected to their home Wi-Fi and access it on their mobile browser for on-the-go interaction.

Tavern AI Characters

What is Tavern AI Character Cards?

Tavern AI character cards are the profiles of AI characters that users can create, deploy, import, and chat with. Each character card contains the character’s name, description, first message, image, personality summary, scenario, and dialogues.

Tavern AI Characters Download

Ready-made characters can be found on websites like “botprompts.net,” “booru.plus,” and unofficial discord groups. Users can also create new characters of their imagination within the Tavern AI platform.

How to Import Character AI to Tavern AI?

To import ready-made characters to Tavern AI, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “botprompts.net” and select any ready characters.
  2. Right-click and click “save as” and save it in a secure location.
  3. Go to Tavern AI > Click the “☰” button > Select “+Import.”
  4. Select the saved file from the location, and characters will be automatically imported.

Tavern AI Github

Tavern AI is an open-source project, and its code is available on GitHub. Developers can contribute to the project, report issues, and suggest enhancements through the GitHub repository.here is the Tavern AI Github link.

Tavern AI Discord

The Tavern AI Discord is the primary community for Tavern AI users, where you can get the latest information, seek help, or interact with other users about all things Tavern AI. Since there is no official customer service, we recommend you join. You can click  Tavern AI Discord link here to join it.

How to Install Tavern AI?

Tavern AI can be installed and used on a variety of devices, you can refer to the following procedures:

Install Tavern AI For Windows:

  1. Install the latest LTS version of NodeJS.
  2. Set up GitHub Desktop (recommended) or Git for Windows.
  3. Clone the TavernAI repository using GitHub Desktop or Git.
  4. Navigate to the cloned directory and run the ‘start.bat’ file.
  5. TavernAI should launch in your browser.

Install Tavern AI For Linux/MacOS:

  1. Install git and NodeJS.
  2. Clone the TavernAI repository.
  3. Access the installation directory and run the ‘start.sh’ script.

Install Tavern AI For Mobile:

  1. Native execution on Android is possible via Termux.
  2. Follow the guide by ArroganceComplex#2659: Termux Guide.

Tavern AI Installation Notes:

  • Refrain from installing TavernAI in Windows’ controlled directories.
  • Do not execute ‘start.bat’ with elevated permissions.
  • Windows 7 users cannot install TavernAI due to NodeJS 18.16 incompatibility.

How to Use Tavern AI?

TavernAI is an atmospheric adventure chat application for AI language models (KoboldAI, NovelAI, Pygmalion, OpenAI chatgpt, gpt-4). Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install TavernAI and connect to the OpenAI API model (using Windows 7/10 as an example):
  1. Download Node.js.
  2. Run the file as an administrator.
  3. Press “Next” all the time, all options are by default. Wait for the installation to finish.
  4. Download TavernAI and unzip the archive.
  5. Go to the root folder and run “Start.bat”.
  6. Click “Settings”.
  7. Add the copied OpenAI url here and click “Connect”.
  8. If a green indicator appears, then the connection was successful, change the “Preset settings” to OpenAI API.
Now you can choose a character and try to write something to him. Note: This is a simplified installation process, detailed specifics and links can be found on the TavernAI GitHub page.

Is Tavern AI Safe

Yes,Tavern AI is an open-source project, which means its code is publicly available for review and contribution. This transparency can be considered a positive aspect in terms of safety as it allows for community scrutiny and contribution.

Tavern AI Alternative

PepHop AI

A rising star in the NSFW AI chat domain, Pephop AI is gaining attention for its unique AI-driven conversation approach. It has a user-friendly, intuitive interface, and advanced algorithms ensure realistic interactions. However, being a new platform, technical glitches might appear, and there is potential room for feature improvements.

Sally Tavern

Sally Tavern is a standalone AI chat tool that stands out for ensuring a secure and enjoyable NSFW experience. It offers rich features with a high degree of customization and genuine and spontaneous responses. However, it relies on third-party model APIs without official support and has a steep learning curve for new users.


CrushOn.AI is a cutting-edge NSFW AI chat platform designed to provide immersive and realistic AI Girlfriend/Waifu dialogues. The platform is designed for users who are looking for a more liberal and immersive NSFW AI chat experience without the typical NSFW filters. It aims to offer tailor-made AI Girlfriend/Waifu chat experiences.CrushOn.AI is revolutionizing the AI chatbot landscape by bypassing NSFW filters, allowing for limitless conversations. It provides a diverse range of characters, empowering users to create unique AI interactions in an intuitive environment.

Janitor AI

Janitor AI has revolutionized the NSFW AI chat space with its cutting-edge technology and user-centric approach. It allows users to customize chat content, offers an experience similar to Character.AI but more open-ended, and enables the creation of anime-style characters for conversations. However, the interface may be slightly complex for tech novices, it takes time to adapt to its specific features, and the API setup is intricate.

Character AI

Character AI allows users to interact with AI-generated fictional characters, offering an immersive entertainment experience. It is developed by former Google engineers, ensuring a high-quality experience. However, it moderates NSFW content, which may not be suitable for all users, and there might be a learning curve for some users and potential compatibility issues with other platforms.


Tavern AI offers a unique and engaging platform for users to create, deploy, import, and chat with AI characters. With its user-friendly interface, multiple language model support, and customizable features, it provides a seamless and immersive conversational experience. Whether you are a bot developer, character editor, or simply someone seeking an AI-based companion, Tavern AI is a valuable tool to explore and utilize.