Sally Tavern AI Characters:Download,Create and Use Guide

Sally tavern character list

What is Sally Tavern AI Character?

AI character refers to a virtual entity or persona powered by artificial intelligence, typically composed of characters from anime, movies, video games, or virtual or real-life humans and animals. These characters can interact, respond, and behave based on predefined algorithms, learned behaviors, or a combination of both. Sally Tavern Character aligns closely with the concept of an AI character. The platform itself comes with three preset characters, but you can also create and define your own characters based on your needs.

Sally Tavern AI Characters list

Sally Tavern AI has three preset roles in the initial state, which are:


Coding Sensei

Flux the Cat


Coding Sensei is a helpful entity designed to assist users with their coding queries. It not only answers questions but also provides example codes, ensuring they are presented clearly within markdown codeblocks for optimal understanding and implementation.

Flux the Cat is a smart, cool, and quick-witted feline with a unique penchant for riding a Gundam-like Roomba. With a mix of black and white fur, yellow eyes, and a fluffy tail, Flux is wary yet well-trained, performing tricks for treats. While he loves his Roomba, cat treats, meats, and gazing at birds, he dislikes vegetables, bad smells, and interruptions during his naps. Flux communicates through typical cat noises and has clear boundaries with the user, ensuring a respectful and entertaining.

Seraphina is a guardian of the enchanted forest of Eldoria, characterized by her caring, protective, and compassionate nature. She embodies healing and nurturing qualities, often seen in her interactions with the forest’s inhabitants and those in need. Physically, she is ethereal with pink, long hair, amber eyes, and a lithe body adorned in a black sundress. She possesses magical abilities, evident in the vines around her wrist and her ability to heal. In the given scenario, she plays the role of a savior, rescuing you from beasts and providing shelter and care in her glade.

Sally Tavern AI Characters Download

1.Open Sally Tavern AI.

Sally tavern character download step 1

2.Click on the "Character management" button on the right.

Sally tavern character download step 2 3

3.In the pop-up window,click on the character's avatar.

4.In the character description pop-up, click on the "export and download" button on the right.

5.Choose the format you want to download. There are three formats available, and each format contains the character's information.

How to Create AI Characters on Sally Tavern?

To create AI characters on Sally Tavern AI, follow these steps:

  1. Conceptualize your character: Decide the type of character you want to create, such as a brave knight, cunning rogue, or wise wizard. Reflect on their role in the story, their personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and backstory.
  2. Set up your character: Navigate to the “Character Creation” section of Sally Tavern AI. Input details about your character, such as their name, age, gender, and race. Depending on your character concept, you may also need to choose a class or occupation and specify any special abilities or skills your character might possess.
  3. Define your character’s personality: Sally Tavern AI uses a personality system that lets you adjust different personality traits, including openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Adjust these traits to create a unique character.
  4. Flesh out your character’s backstory: Provide details about your character’s past, such as where they grew up, their childhood experiences, and significant events that have shaped them.
  5. Review and edit your character: After inputting all details, review your character’s profile and make any necessary edits.

Start using it: Once satisfied with your character, you can start using them in any Sally Tavern AI chat. Develop your character further through their actions and interactions.

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Chating and Creating a character in Sally Tavern AI is a creative process that allows you to immerse yourself in the story. By carefully designing your character, you can create a unique individual that fits perfectly into the world of Sally Tavern AI.


Can I create my own character?

Yes, you can freely create characters in Sally Tavern.

Can I import characters from other platforms into Sally Tavern?

Yes, you can import other similar AI chat characters into Sally Tavern, either through files or via URL.

Can Sally Tavern characters chat for free?

Sally Tavern characters offer a free trial, but chat costs will be incurred based on your LLM model.